Model Code 14

• The YNS frame is constructed from an injected polymer compound that has been extensively impact tested on a range of off-road surfaces and varying temperatures. • The anatomically profiled frame promotes positive helmet contact in the event of a crash while allowing rider freedom of movement. Ultra-lightweight EVA foam on the support’s underside for comfort and positioning, and to distribute the impact force over the widest possible area. • Quick Release Closure system for convenient engagement of the support also facilitates the quick removal in case of an emergency. • The rear stabilizer system helps to keep the support in position and is also designed to channel extreme energy loads away from the spine by transmitting it across the shoulder and helping to avoid serious spinal injury. • The support is supplied with the easy-to-use strap system which allows use over or under the jersey to secure the device on the rider. • The Youth Neck Support can be easily integrated with the A-5S Youth Body Armor to ramp up a young rider’s overall protective coverage.




  • TU
5,500 ฿


Specially designed for youth or smaller framed rider the Youth Neck Support functions when the helmet and support frame provide an alternative load path for the excessive energy that compresses the neck. If the helmet is in contact with the neck support at the moment of impact the overall load passing through the neck can be reduced, which may prevent a fracture from occurring and reduce the chance of muscular injuries from extreme head movement. Although it is not possible to eliminate the risk of any form of injury, the support has been proven to help reduce the most serious damage and minimize the risk of collateral injury as the impact load is channeled away from the neck. NOTE: This product is compatible with our Alpinestars Youth chest protectors via integration using the Velcro / Elastic straps.